Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Netiquette Cybersmart

This is what I have been learning from Cybersmart Mark and Kelsey have taught my whole class this but not the seniors. I've finished and this is my example of my Do's and Don'ts on the internet. I hope you enjoy and learn off my post. Thank you. By Nikita

Friday, August 4, 2017

First day I got my puppy

This is the first day Nugget arrived but I was super happy to have a puppy and her dog toy to make sure you guys are better in the comments but Nugget has passed away after a rat bait accident anyway thanks for the support and what you've been posting.By Nikita

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Holidays and epic fun things

I've been everywhere doing a lot in the holidays and I would love to share it by posting these photos hope u enjoy looking at them.By Nikita

Poppy storm and caesar


Me and our  rainbow loriket poppy

                                                           Me and caesar my moms elephant

Me and my arab storm

My horses and parrot over the holidays and weekends.By Nikita

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What i did in the holidays

What I did in the holidays 

In the holidays I had some hard times and some bad times because my cat rex which was a boy died from a car running him over and my dog blue who is a girl had to be put down but.I did get to go to time zone twice since i met up with a old friend called Katie and i went to timezone with Abby after that day.Also when we left timezone with Katie we were aloud to go to mega air and it was really fun and once we got there i was out of breath when i had my first jump. But i bumped into a friend that went to my school along time ago.A couple days later i was told by my mom that we were gonna get a white cat that was wandering around a house they were fixing it was kinda abandoned and so we talked over the phone i was super happy we were gonna have three cats again and once it comes back i think my mom and dad are gonna take it with them.Also they had to stay at the house and not at home so i was left with Maddison/Midget and also brook my big brother and sometimes my oldest sibling Paige would come in and she is having a baby boy named Hunter but i lost my begging against her boyfriend Luke but he was away for a while but he came back after those days once he got back. Paige only had him so she remembered he was the dad and the most exciting part is we are gonna get a new dog and the breed is a german shepard but it’s gonna be a boy german shepard because it’s more exciting to have a boy and also i was thinking to call it Coco or Fang or Rusle those are the names i think it should be called because it can be cool it can be scary or it can be just normal and nice but those are the names and.I got a call from a friend to go to a party but it wasn’t any party it was a birthday party because maddie i think was turning 10 or 11 but she turned one of those numbers and she let me sleep over same with Abby we watched movies and after the night past we had a game of hide and seek but i didn’t get found a lot because i was sneaky and Maddie had this fidget cube and she was making noises where she was because she hid up by a window and hid there behind a curtain and we found her by listening to the noise she made and it lead us to her but we got her to let us use the toy shotgun of we were seeker and i went first and almost terrified Abby because we shoot the people once they are found and i found them hiding in a cabinet and Abby blocked Maddie in from me until i got Abby to move and i opened it and found Maddie but Abby hid in the same place three times in a row but she was found and had to be in and Maddie hid behind a curtain in the kitchen hall and Abby walked past while she did I tried hiding behind corners and walls but it didn’t work until the girls lost track of me and let me escape because Maddie went in this cold room to check Abby went behind the box’s and I went next to the door but when she walked in i speeded out of the room to hide behind another door but Abby caught me when i tried going past Maddie oh and when Maddie was in again i hid in the closet and never was found but i came out once they gave up and Maddie thought she heard somebody in there or somewhere and I saw Abby hide under all the teddies and blankets and she got found more than once because i saw her curl up there and I heard Maddie in the distance clicking with the cube so i went and got Maddie and went back for Abby since she was moving i slowly walked over and found her after lifting the blankets up there was chips but i only liked them because it was chicken and sweet an sour but since i grabbed the chips and sat in the corner with the bag and began eating i looked at them with chips all through my mouth but Abby took the chip’s from me and ate them in front of us but her Maddie's mum took them so we just watched movies and fell asleep after that i woke up in a closet so i went back into my sleeping bag on the floor because there was no room on the bed.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My profile

We have been learning how to use piktochart and some of us used to make and write things we like and like our profile like it shows our favorite food and animal too.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Superhero steps

This is a slide about how to be a superhero and its ten steps.Hope you enjoy and leave comments down below