Wednesday, October 24, 2018

My Free Writing (Chapter Book)

Hey there! I'm Nikita and for my writing, I've been doing Studyladder And Free Writing, but I'm mostly gonna talk about Free Writing because I have started a Chapter book, and I would love to share it with others on my blog.  So every day once, I've finished a chapter ill most likely post it on my blog, my Chapter book is called '2 Girl Alike' 

Based on 2 girls, that are pretty much twins, 1 is called Isabelle, the other Quinn. On their first day of school, they bump into each other and they carry around notebooks, and when they bump into each other, causing them to fall over and pick up each other's notebooks, and end up switching notebooks. 

And then when they realise, they start writing without thinking, and they return the notebooks, in another week, because their school was having a small holiday, therefore, they end up writing in each other's notebooks, for a week?! one day they end up making friends, but after they do later on they make 'fake friends', and these fake friends try to steal their identities, but the twins team up and get their identities back showing that the bullies were fakers!

Want more of this amazing story? comment any sorts of ideas thoughts, Hope you enjoy the Chapter book and it will be out quite soon! Stay positive!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

My Holiday!

My Holiday!
Meanwhile during my Holidays! In my holidays I had a lovely, 
a break from my school work but sadly while during my relaxation I ended up having some sad moments... my precious dog Nala was put down due to her Lung Cancer it was depressing when she died but around a week later there was a joyful moment which was the birth of Nemo. What is Nemo? he's a Male baby horse known has a foal, he got his name from El'Nino the hurricane how did he get it off that? while we were talking about the name that would be Nino my brother thought we said 'Nemo' so we decided to call him Nemo because since it still involved a cold rainy day such as when he was born, it would kinda make sense also in the weekend before the holidays which was before all this my friend Mika came over we played Minecraft and I showed her to all my animals such as Chickens, Calves, Horses, including Dogs, Cats and Parrots!
Other than a stressful death I still had nice moments of my holidays!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my Holidays!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Crusader Cup at SCHOOL??!!

This is me & the crusader cup that was welcomed to our school 1 of the parents & I believe PTA got the cup & we all were able to get a photo & this is me in a cap that they had & I also didn't feel like wearing the scarf, therefore, they told me I could put it on the top I thought it was quite cool & when I originally heard about the cup I was kinda suspicious on how the lady got the cup in the first place. But it is a cool cup so I decided to wait for everyone to take a picture so I didn't have to wait in a line after this I waited till I got picked up &, to be honest, I never knew I was gonna be using this picture at all but since I have nothing else to blog about I thought I might as well! Hopefully, you are interested in my blog & if it's not your type there's many out there but I hope you do enjoy my blog & other blogs that are after mine :) Thank you for your time.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Cassowary Wildlife park Habitat

Cassowary Wildlife park (Habitat)
This is my work so far of a wildlife park I'm making it includes a habitat, for Cassowary's but if you don't know what I've drawn. Its a river with a bridge then I've put different sized rocks along it also there are some small little bushes also if you can't see the blurred out baby Cassowary that's okay 2. But when I finish I'll get a much brighter & better clear picture down so you can see it more clear but for now this is what I have If you want to see more of my drawings I have lots of things, I could use at home & create art! Comment some feedback & something I might want to add? But If you saw this in real life it would probably be extraordinary.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Class Trip to Eco!!!

Here is my slideshow of the awesome eco trip my class took but we did get split into 2 groups I was in the 2nd group that left in the afternoon kinda but my slideshow has more information in it about it.

Speech about Hand Dryers

This is my fabulous speech about public hand dryers it was a struggle to record because we started laughing a lot and it was really cool! because I was in somewhere I wasn't normally in and it was really exciting when I was getting my speech timed & recorded, tell me in the comments if you did something like did the same topic or made your own speech like my class!  enjoy!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Very closed to completing but here's what I've done so far!

In the middle of finishing this but just showing you what I've completed so far of it
Tell me if you have done something or drawn something similar to this if not then that's fine
This is also all I have so far of this drawing but I will comment when I'm finished & perhaps
Share some other amazing learning from me or just a slide that I found in my drive...
Hope you Like it!
Tell me about something that you think I should have a try at and 1 day you might
See it on my blog :D