Friday, May 25, 2018

Batik art

Hello! I've made a slideshow about Batik Art. Me and my class have made art using this style. A Lot of us have learnt alot from this and of you don't know what Batik Art is I'll tell you.I can take you through the steps here of you wish. 


Has you can see of you have watched the slideshow you start off with pencil. (Pencil is better to use than a Pen) You draw with a pencil what you want (you can go see step 2 in the slideshow or just read on) Step 2 is get some fabric and redraw it in pencil on the fabric. Next you get some flour put some flour in a bowl add water then mix it together. And carefully put it in a plastic bag cut a small hole at the corner of the bag and carefully go over the pencil on the fabric. (Remember to have cardboard under the fabric) Let it dry until the flour has hardened now you can paint your creation let the paint dry next you peel the dried flour off then peel the fabric off the cardboard. 

What I might try next time is, adding more into the slideshow but what I really need to focus on doing next time is working on my writing and sentences. Comment what else you think I should work on next time.

Then you have your MASTERPIECE. ENJOY THE SLIDESHOW I forgot to add most of it in the slideshow sorry but when you read this you'll know.

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